How to inject the masseter muscle safely | The 2 dollar coin technique | Cityskin Cosmetic Clinic

Watch Cityskin’s 1 minute guide on how to inject the masseter muscle (bite muscle) safely. This technique will reduce your chances of affecting the smile muscle when bruxism (tooth grinding) and facial slimming.


  1. Take a 2 dollar coin and place the bottom of the coin on the jawline, in the centre of the masseter muscle. Ask the patient to clench to help you position the coin in the middle part of the muscle
  2. Mark around the coin with an eyeliner pencil / make-up pencil
  3. Place 5 dots within the circle – these are your injection points
  4. Inject with a 31g needle, bevel deep, into each injection point. Tip – inject as the patient is clenching so you know you are in the muscle

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