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Dr Brown has been a cosmetic injector for 10 years and specialises in anti-wrinkle injections. The video below discusses the top 5 mistakes that new cosmetic injectors make and what can be done to correct them.

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1. Treating the forehead but not the frown

This is more common than you might think! I have seen 2 patients this week (it is only Wednesday) who have had just the forehead treated to reduce lines. This might save money (you are likely to only need 5 – 9 units) but the problem here is that treating the forehead alone drops the eyebrow height. This is fine for men but for women it can look masculine and reduce the arch in the brow.

Solution: Whenever you treat the forehead always treat the frown at the same time. This will keep your eyebrow shape and height the same (as long as you don’t use too many units on the forehead).

flat heavy forehead after anti-wrinkle treatment

2. ‘Spocking’

This is the strange phenomenon where the injector misses the outer part of the forehead muscle and can cause the brow to kink when lifting the eyebrows. It can also happen when you treat the frown alone, allowing the outer part of the forehead to move easily.

Solution: This is relatively easy to correct. Place 0.5 units at the apex of the ‘spocked’ area and it will settle the movement after 5 – 7 days.

spocking example forehead

3. Shiny or over-treated forehead

The injector has used too many units on the forehead causing a flat surface which reflects light. This is especially a problem for patients with oily skin.

Solution: Use less units next time! A shiny forehead may be ok on American TV but in the real world it can look over-done and un-natural.

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4. Crepey lines under the eyes after crows feet treatment

This usually occurs in patients over 30 where the crows feet have been too aggressively treated, or treated too low down.

Solution: Reduce the units in the lower crows feet. I have chosen to only treat my crows feet every second treatment for this exact reason!

under eye lines after anti-wrinkle treatment

5. ‘Chipmunk’ cheeks after treating crows feet

This is the flattening effect that can happen to the cheeks when too many units are used too low down in the crows feet. Anti-wrinkle treatment can affect the cheek elevators making is harder to smile and cause a bunching of the cheek muscles – leading to a ;chipmunk’ cheek look.

Solution: Wait for the treatment to wear off and next time ask the injector to go more lightly when treating the lower crows feet lines next time.

Hopefully that explains the common problems that you might encounter after anti-wrinkle treatment. If you need our help please get in touch either on live chat (at the bottom right of every page of the Cityskin website) or book a free consultation at Cityskin.

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