How to perform double chin treatment | A 5 minute guide for injectors

How to perform double chin treatment | A 5 minute guide for injectors

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In this video you can learn how to perform double chin injections.

Scroll down below the video to read the 20 mains steps and tips in more detail. 

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A 5 minute double chin guide for injectors


A step by step treatment guide

Step 1: Clean away make-up

Step 2: Mark the treatment area

Step 3: Draw a perpendicular line from chin downwards

Step 4: Draw a horizontal line marking the hyoid bone

Step 5: Peel plastic backing off double chin grid

Step 6: Line up the black middle dots with your perpendicular line

Step 7: Wet the double chin grid well

Step 8: Apply pressure to the grid to help the dots stick

Step 9: Remove grid

Step 10: Remove dots outside the treatment area with an alcohol wipe

Step 11: Draw up 2% lignocaine into 3ml syringe

Step 12: Attach long 25g needle to 3ml syringe

Step 13: Lift patient’s chin

Step 14: Introduce needle lateral to the most infero-lateral dot

Step 15: Advance needle then perform retrograde injection of local

Step 15: Infiltrate local into the treatment area (Tip: Tilt the patient’s head away to infiltrate the most lateral area)

Step 16: Draw up double chin vial into 3ml syrgine containing 0.5ml lignocaine

Step 17: Attach a 30g needle to the 3ml syringe and remove dead air space

Step 18: Clean with chlorhexidine and alcohol twice

Step 19: Lift patient chin and inject 8mm deep into each dot (Tip: Treat in columns to remember which dots have been treated)

Step 20: Apply pressure under the chin using gauze


Additional tips

– Your needle should be bevel up when injecting local
– Always inject local anaesthetic in a retrograde manner
– Use an entry point lateral to the most lateral dot when giving local anaesthetic

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