How to treat tear troughs with dermal filler | Bianca Quon from Cityskin

In this video Bianca Quon from Cityskin discusses how to treat tear troughs with dermal fillers.

Bianca’s thoughts on how to treat tear troughs / eye bag treatment

bianca thumbnail “We get lots of clients coming in asking for treatment to rejuvenate their under eye area. The little concavity that we have under the eye is called your tear trough.

Everyone has some form of tear trough – even young children have them so to get rid of the tear trough completely would look un-natural.

Generally the people who come in asking for this treatment want to look less tired or look a little bit younger.

tear trough treatment

Not everyone though is suitable to have tear trough reatment. If you have crepey skin in the area, if you have puffiness or if you have substantial eye bags, this probably won’t be the treatment for you.

It’s very important that the tissue is of good integrity, and that the product that we place in the area can be hidden by this tissue for a natural result.

Dermal fillers immediately plump the area giving a natural result. We generally would rather under-treat than over-treat just to ensure that we don’t get lumps and bumps or that the filler visible under the tissue.

Tear trough treatment is quite a quick procedure. Some people can be a little it red after treatment and some can have bruising. If you do get a bruise you can cover it with makeup the following day.

Tear trough treatment can last quite a while. We generally ask you to come back in for a review appointment about two to three weeks after your treatment. If you are happy with the amount of lift that you have at that point, we’d get you back in around nine months just for a review appointment, and then we can treat again if needed.

Generally people get 12 months plus out of this area. But again, that’s really dependent on the patient. If you do have crepey skin, substantial eye bags, or puffiness to the area this may not be the treatment for you. We do, however,  have other options. We can treat your mid cheek area to support the fat pads under the tear trough without actually treating them themselves. This can achieve a beautiful rejuvenation to the cheek and under eye this area.”

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