What is the difference between ‘Brand A’ and ‘Brand B’

By law we are not allowed to use the name of the anti-wrinkle products so we have to call them Brand A and Brand B. This is why we have to call it ‘anti-wrinkle injections’ rather than using Brand names that everyone recognised. Frustrating, I know!

Brand A is the most recognisable anti-wrinkle product in the world and it is a common household name.

Which brand is the best?

Personally I have tried both products. Brand B starts to work quicker and it lasts for the same length of time so it is my personal favourite. It is slightly cheaper than Brand A so if you have never had injections before- use Brand B!

Do they work the same?

Both brands work in the same way- both are anti-wrinkle products. Brand B spreads a little further than Brand A so I love using it on the forehead.

A video explaining the difference between anti-wrinkle brands


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