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Do you recommend having anti-wrinkle injections or filler for a more defined chiselled jaw line?

by | Jun, 2018

I think the answer to this question depends on the area that you are looking to define and whether you are male or female. In men we pay particular attention to the angle of the jaw (shown in the male image below) and in women we look at the both the angle of jaw, prejowl and chin (areas 1 and 2 in the female image).


Male jawline enhancement – the ‘chiselled’ look

If you think of attractive men across the ages they often have a common feature – a strong, chiselled jaw. Think of Brad Pitt, Robert Redford, Chris Brown (TV vet). A strong jawline is linked to higher testosterone levels and been found in studies to be a more attractive trait.

A stronger jawline can be achieved in one of two ways in men:

  1. Shaping the facial hair to give the impression of a stronger jaw
  2. Dermal filler placed at the angle of the jaw to project it outwards

We rarely recommend facial slimming treatment in men as it can slim the jawline and feminise the face.

male jaw dermal filler


The female jawline

dermal filler or anti-wrinkle for jawline

In women it is best to assess a face in two distinct areas, shown in the image. Area 1 is the angle of the jaw and area 2 is the jowl, pre-jowl and chin.


Area 1 – Angle of the jaw

This area can either be slimmed using anti-wrinkle injections (facial slimming treatment) or strengthened / projected outwards using dermal fillers.

A more feminine jawline is slimmer than a male jawline and for this reason facial slimming is much more popular in women than in men. Placing dermal filler on the angle of the jaw can achieve a ‘tenting’ effect and pull the jawline back, helping to improve the jowls.

Facial slimming in patients over 40 can cause a very slight sag to the jowl area – slimming the muscle on the angle of the jaw can reduce the tenting effect (imagine taking down a tent pole in a marquee). As a result we have to be very careful deciding whether to slim someone over 40 with anti-wrinkle treatment.


Area 2 – pre-jowl, jowl and chin

This is the area where we use dermal filler to strengthen the jawline. Dermal fillers replace lost volume and provide structural support for the jawline. I like to think of the jawline as being like the side panel of a car. If you look down the side of the car you ideally want to see a nice smooth curve. As we age we develop indentations at the jowl area, like a dent in the side panel of the car.

Placing dermal filler in the jowl area can be thought of as panel beating to lift up the dent and restore a lovely smooth curve again.


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