Do anti-wrinkle injections hurt? Will it be painful after treatment?

Do anti-wrinkle injections hurt? Will it be painful after treatment?

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Having had the treatment a few times myself I can say that having anti-wrinkle treatment feels like a sting in some areas. The most sensitive areas to treat are the lower crows feet, the outer part of the brow and the upper lip.Facial slimmjng treatment is one of the least painful areas to treat as there are less pain fibres in the skin around the jaw area than in other areas of the face.


Do you numb before anti-wrinkle injections?

At Cityskin we often use ice to numb the skin for a few seconds before injection. I find this helps when I have my frown treated. Some patients liken the frown treatment to having eyebrows plucked. I haven’t had mine plucked personally so I’d have to say it is just a sting!

In 2013 we conducted a small survery of 21 of our patients who had never had anti-wrinkle injections before. They were questioned on how painful they thought the procedure would be. Patients were asked to give the discomfort a score out of 10 before the treatment and again afterwards. Patients were treated in either crows feet, forehead or frown lines (glabella). Ice was used to numb the skin before injection and 31g needles were used for treatment

Results: The average pain score before treatment was 5.48 and the average after treatment was 3.90

Conclusion: The results show that, for patients having anti-wrinkle injections for the first time, injections are less painful than patients expected.


Will it hurt after anti-wrinkle treatment?

At the time of injection, they have a slight sting to them, but only for a couple of seconds. You do not leave the clinic in pain at all. They are very well tolerated and some people say they can’t even feel some of them at the time of injection.


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