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Can anti wrinkle injections treat neck wrinkles?

Frequently asked questionsCategory: Anti-wrinkleCan anti wrinkle injections treat neck wrinkles?
AnonAnon asked 10 months ago
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Cosmetic Nurse Michelle DoddCosmetic Nurse Michelle Dodd Staff answered 10 months ago


Anti-wrinkle injections can be injected into the platysma muscles of the neck to help give lift and support back up to the jawline. I also inject the depressor muscles (depressor anguli oris) and the mentalis muscle of the lower face, to aid in lifting the lower face and lowering the chin, to create a more structured jawline. This treatment is often known as the “Nefertiti neck lift”, as Nefertiti is known for her sharp, angled chin and jawline. However, in order to answer your question of anti-wrinkle injections treating “neck wrinkles”, it doesn’t specifically treat the wrinkles, it just aids in lifting, which may, somewhat, help with neck wrinkles. Necklace lines can be treated with some types of dermal fillers, or other modalities such as Platelet Rich Plasma, derma pen, fractional lasers, et c. 
If if you would like more information for the Nefertiti neck lift performed at City Skin, please go to https://cityskin.com.au/anti-wrinkle/lower-face-lift-nefertiti-lift-using-anti-wrinkle-injections-cityskin-melbourne/

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