Can anti-wrinkle treatment turn out the lip?

Frequently asked questionsCategory: Anti-wrinkleCan anti-wrinkle treatment turn out the lip?
Imogen asked 1 year ago

I am 40 and would like to have treatment to make my lips look fuller. Please can you advise on how this can be done?

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Dr Jonathan Brown Staff answered 1 year ago


Thanks for the question Imogen. Anti-wrinkle product can be used in the upper lip to turn the lip out. It is usually quite a subtle effect as we do not use high units in the area around the mouth. 
We usually use between 2 and 4 units of anti-wrinkle product to turn the lip out so the cost is likely to be between $24 and $48. The injection points that we use are shown below with 0.5 – 1 unit used at each injection site (yellow dots).

We often use anti-wrinkle product above the lip in conjunction with lip dermal filler to achieve the look that you are after.
Have a read of our lip dermal filler page to find out a little more about having this as an adjunct to anti-wrinkle treatment,
Many thanks, 
Dr Jonathan Brown

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