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Can dermal filler help masculinise features for weak jaw line?

by | Sep, 2018

Dermal fillers can definitely be injected to the jaw to enhance male “attractiveness”. We associate a wider jaw and chin with males, which is considered to be “aesthetically pleasing”. Dermal fillers add volume, and along the jaw and chin, I would use a firm, structural filler to enhance the lower third of the face. Depending how “weak” the lower third of the face is, will determine how many mls of filler will be required.

At the ramus of the jaw, I can use anywhere between 0.5-1ml per side. If the mandibular angle requires filler for a sharper,  ore enhanced jawline, this can take up to another 0.5-1ml per side.  The chin can vary significantly, depending how regressed it is. From my experience, the chin normally takes a minimum of 2mls and have injected up to 6mls in the chin before.

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