While theoretically possible, we do not recommend using double chin treatment on other areas of the face. As we age, volume loss occurs, and depleting volume from other facial areas can hinder the youthful appearance we strive to maintain. Additionally, the product has only been tested and approved for use in the under-chin area. To ensure your safety and achieve optimal results, it is best to adhere to the recommended areas of treatment.

At Cityskin in Melbourne, we specialise in double chin injections and have successfully treated hundreds of patients since the product was introduced. If you would like to learn more about the comprehensive guide to dissolving double chins, we invite you to explore our resources.

Can Double Chin Injections be Used on Jowls?

At Cityskin in Melbourne, we do not utilise double chin injections for the jowl area. Jowl treatment requires a different approach involving lift and structural enhancement, which naturally diminishes with age. Dermal fillers, when correctly placed, can restore the fullness needed to address the jowls effectively. It is important to note that using the double chin product in the jowl area is currently an experimental treatment, and we will not offer it until further testing is conducted.

For patients with significant loose skin, surgical options such as a lower facelift may be more suitable. While this is not a service, we provide at Cityskin, we would be happy to provide recommendations of trusted professionals if you reach out to us via email.

Determining the Amount of Dermal Filler for Jowl Treatment

To lift the cheeks and treat the jowl/jawline, it is estimated that a minimum of 2mL of dermal filler would be required. However, this is a general estimate, and the amount needed may vary depending on the laxity of the skin and individual circumstances.

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