I would like to know if you offer dermal filler for acne scars and how much it is? How long does it last?

Joan asked 11 months ago

Hi. I just wanna enquire if you guys are doing dermal filler for acne scars and how much it is? And how long it last? Anyway im 35 y.o and i havent done it before….Thanks

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Dr Jonathan Brown Staff answered 11 months ago


We do offer treatment for acne scarring at Cityskin. It all depends on the type of scarring that you have as not all acne scarring is suitable for dermal fillers.
Laser treatment such as Fraxel, on the right skin type, can work for acne scars if you are looking to cover a larger area. Dermal filler is better for smaller areas of scarring. 
How much does dermal filler cost for acne scarring?
We charge from $650 for 1ml of dermal filler depending on the filler used and the clinic you attend. We do not charge a consultation fee.
How long does dermal filler last when treating acne scarring?
Dermal filler tends to last 6-12 months when treating acne scars. This can vary in individuals and dependent on the filler used. 
Which Cityskin practitioners offer acne scar treatment?
Use the table below to select your Cityskin practitioner for acne scar treatment.

Mr Erik KoppertDr Ilana GalgutSue FairleyDr Anna CollinsDr Greg ScherBianca QuonMichelle DoddKaty Wallace
ClinicHawthornBrightonBrightonArmadaleArmadale, CBDCBD, Armadale, EssendonNeutral Bay, SydneyArmadale
Forehead line dermal filler
Frown line with dermal filler
Nose dermal filler
Eyes / tear trough
Brow lift (dermal filler)
Marionette lines
Nasolabial folds
Full facial rejuvenation
Liquid facelift
Earlobe rejuvenation
Hand rejuvenation
Acne scarring
Jawline dermal filler

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