Do you use cannula for lip dermal fillers?

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AnonAnon asked 12 months ago

Hi, Just wondering about lip fillers I have a few questions. Do you use cannula? and can you produce really natural results that don’t look fake!

I also was wondering if I happened to make an app on a Friday would I be able to go to work on the Monday and not look really swollen? Also what is a rough price for your lip fillers? Thanks look forward to hearing from you 🙂

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Dr Jonathan Brown Staff answered 12 months ago


Yes, we do offer cannula to treat lip dermal filler at Cityskin. The cannula approach is a really nice way of treating and reducing bruising risk. Dr Anna Collins and Dr Ilana Galgut offer cannula treatment for lips at Cityskin Armadale.

We usually use 1ml of dermal filler to treat lips. Sometimes we use a little less and place the remainder in an area that could benefit from a tweak, so still using 1ml total for your treatment.

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