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How much does it cost to treat crows feet?

Frequently asked questionsCategory: Anti-wrinkleHow much does it cost to treat crows feet?
AnonAnon asked 7 months ago
1 Answers
Dr Jonathan BrownDr Jonathan Brown Staff answered 7 months ago


How much does it cost to treat crow’s feet? It all depends on the depth of the lines and how much you want to reduce them. Men need more units than women to treat the same area.

I have lines that extend all the way down to my lower cheek and I tend to use about 12 units each side to treat the crow’s feet. Frustratingly, the under eye lines won’t go away and anti-wrinkle treatment will not fix that. For women, I think a range of 5 to 10 units each side is realistic and again, it depends on how deep the lines are and how much muscle contraction there is.

Men need slightly more units and I think men generally need one and a half times as many units to treat the same area as women. Visit the Cityskin ‘cost’ page for an approximate cost of your crows feet treatment.

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