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How much do dermal fillers cost in Sydney?

Frequently asked questionsCategory: CostHow much do dermal fillers cost in Sydney?
AnonAnon asked 3 weeks ago

I would like to have dermal fillers in Sydney and was wondering how much you charge. Do you have a list of dermal filler prices?

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Dr Jonathan Brown Staff answered 3 weeks ago


At Cityskin our prices in for dermal filler in Sydney CBD are:

  • $650 for 1ml dermal filler
  • $1200 for 2ml dermal filler (when used on the same day)


How much filler am I likely to need?

When we treat patients with dermal fillers we like to give an estimate of the amount of mls that you might require to treat you on the day. As a general rule we use the folllowing amounts of dermal filler:


Dr Brown discussing dermal filler prices at Cityskin Sydney


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