I am under 18 can I get under eye filler with parent permission?

Frequently asked questionsCategory: General questionsI am under 18 can I get under eye filler with parent permission?
Chan asked 10 months ago

I want to get under filler to fix my deep tear troughs and dark circles, can I get it done with parent permission?

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Cosmetic Nurse Michelle DoddCosmetic Nurse Michelle Dodd Staff answered 9 months ago


Thanks for the question Chan.

According to the Medical Board of Australia’s guidelines, for a minor procedure to patients under 18 years old, there is a cooling off period for 7 days.

Ideally we should treat you after the age of 18 when you are fully able to consent for yourself. It is natural to have a tear trough, even when we are infants, so why not wait a while and really consider if it concerns you enough to warrant treatment.

Reference: https://www.medicalboard.gov.au/Codes-Guidelines-Policies/FAQ/FAQ-guidelines-for-cosmetic-procedures.aspx

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