Dermal filler costs | Full facial rejuvenation

Check with your practitioner on the day but often we give a discount for multiple syringes of dermal filler.

As a general rule we use the ‘decade dosing’ to work out how much dermal filler you may need at different ages for full facial rejuvenation. For full facial rejuvention / liquid facelift We generally recommend:

  • 4ml dermal filler at 40
  • 5ml dermal filler at 50
  • 6ml dermal filler at 60+’

The photo below shows a patient who has had approximately 6ml of dermal filler plus anti-wrinkle treatment as a full facial rejuvenation treatment. Click here to read all about her treatment.

melbourne cheek dermal filler


Anti-wrinkle costs

At Cityskin we charge $4 for the European brand and $12 for the American brand of anti-wrinkle treatment. When we treat facial slimming we charge $550 for 50 units.

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