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Double chin injections – are men and women treated in the same way?

by | Feb, 2018

When we treat male double chins there are a few key points to bear in mind:

    1. Double chin treatment can cause temporary patchy hair loss under the chin in the area treated. This generally lasts for up to 3 months before growing back.
    2. Men need to attend the treatment appointment clean shaven. This allows us to apply to temporary grid under the chin and reduces the risk of infection from treatment.
    3. Men tend to have wider double chins than women and tend to have a larger treatment area. This means that as a man you may need 3 or 4 vials per treatment compared to an average of 2 vials per treatment for women.
    4. If men use more vials per treatment you are likely to see slightly more swelling after the treatment.

The procedure is exactly the same for men and women – firstly we ask you to come in for a consultation, plan your treatment and allow you to choose a time to come back for treatment. On the day of treatment we numb the under chin area with anaesthetic, clean the area with anaesthetic then perform the treatment.


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