Do you have any procedure or suggestions about wrinkle in hands?

Frequently asked questionsCategory: HandsDo you have any procedure or suggestions about wrinkle in hands?
Anon Staff asked 3 months ago
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Dr Jonathan Brown Staff answered 3 months ago


Dermal fillers can be used to rejuvenate the backs of the hands. Using a small cannula device we can place threads of filler into the hands which can soften lines and the signs of ageing. We have written an article on hand rejuvenation with dermal filler here:
Anti-wrinkle injections cannot be used as we want to keep full function in the hands muscles. 
Laser can sometimes help with signs of ageing on the hands. Fraxel laser is my personal preference when it comes to fine lines and reducing sun spots. We don’t offer Fraxel at Cityskin but have a quick search on Google and you’ll find someone near you who can provide a Fraxel treatment for you. 

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