Males typically have stronger muscles than females and, therefore, require more units to have an effective treatment. Depending on the strength of th muscle, males ‘typically’ have 30units in the glabella to treat the frown line. Sometimes, it may also require slightly more. Upon consultation and assessment, your practitioner will be able to determine how many units you will require for your desired result.

Anti-wrinkle injections start working in 1-5 days and the peak effect of the drug is at the 2 week mark. If you still have movement after the 2 weeks, please come back into the clinic where we can assess you for a follow-up, as your result at 2 weeks will determine if it was a good dose for you, or if you need more units, due to strong muscles. At an additional cost, we can inject more units at your follow-up appointment, then, we will know the ‘correct’ dose for you for your next treatment in 3-4 months.

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