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Do anti-wrinkle help reduce excessive sweating above my upper lip? 

Frequently asked questionsCategory: Anti-wrinkleDo anti-wrinkle help reduce excessive sweating above my upper lip? 
AnonAnon asked 6 months ago

I’m a 36-year old man and would like to consider having anti-wrinkle to reduce sweating above my upper lip but I’m afraid that my lips would look funny after the treatment.

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Dr Jonathan BrownDr Jonathan Brown Staff answered 6 months ago


Anti-wrinkle treatments can reduce sweating in any area that is injected. Often we find that patients report less sweating in the forehead and frown area after treating these areas with anti-wrinkle treatment.

Upper lip sweating can be more difficult to treat – we have to be very careful with the number of units to ensure that we reduce sweating without affecting the muscles around the mouth.

I would treat a patient with 2 units to reduce upper lip sweating without this affecting the look and feel of the upper lip.

The treatment will last approximately 6-8 weeks because we have only used a small amount of units.

We can reassure you that your lips will look very normal after treatment.

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Dr Brown discusses how anti-wrinkle treatments reduce sweating during and after exercise

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