How to reduce lines around the eyes / crows feet

In the video below Dr Jonathan Brown discusses how lines around the eyes, commonly known as ‘crows feet‘ can be reduced using anti-wrinkle injections.


About the patient

The patient that Jonathan treated was in her 30s and wanted to reduce the fine crinkly lines around the eyes. The lines were prominent when smiling and also at the end of the day when her makeup sat in the creases.

She didn’t want to look ‘done’ or over-treated but rather wanted a natural refreshed look.



How were the results achieved?

Jonathan used 7 units to each crows feet area (14 units in total) to reduce the muscle contraction around the eyes, thereby reducing the apperance of crows feet. The injections took about 2 minutes to perform but anout 30 minutes in total was spent in the consultation to establish a medical history and understand exactly what the patient wanted to achieve.


How long are the results likely to last?

The results in this patient are likely to last 3 months but this can vary amongst individuals. Often we start to see movement in the area at around 8 weeks.


How much is the treatment likely to cost?

Use our guide below to estimate how much your crows feet treatment may cost. Consultations at Cityskin are free.

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