How do you treat decolletage lines? Can you use with anti wrinkle injections?

Frequently asked questionsCategory: General questionsHow do you treat decolletage lines? Can you use with anti wrinkle injections?
Rose asked 11 months ago
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Dr Jonathan Brown Staff answered 11 months ago


Decolletage lines are the result of sun exposure over time, skin laxity and loss of collagen. Decolletage lines are difficult to treat.
To treat decolletage lines we need to reduce the appearance of sun damage and replace lost collagen. Anti-wrinkle injections do not work in this area. To reduce decolletage lines we recommend:

  1. Laser treatment – Fraxel laser is my favourite in the decolletage area as it reduces lines and pigmentation. We do not offer Fraxel at Cityskin but a simple Google search will show clinics in your area that offer this laser treatment.
  2. A soft dermal filler. Some of the chest wall lines can be reduced by using a soft dermal filler. We have to use soft dermal fillers because the skin on the chest wall is thin and you don’t want to see lumps and bumps after treatment. Softer dermal fillers last for about 6 months and you may need 2-3ml to reduce the apperance of the lines. As mentioned earlier – chest wall lines are hard to treat so please don’t expect to get rid of the lines entirely.
  3. High factor sunscreen. We always recommend wearing a high factor sunscreen (50+) to prevent further wrinkles and sun damage in the chest area.


How to treat decolletage lines

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Dr Jonathan Brown Staff answered 10 months ago


Thanks for the question Rose. I don’t believe that the décolletage or décolleté region can be treated with anti wrinkle injections effectively. It has not been my experience to provide cosmetic treatment for that region but the anatomical principle and the lack of marked basal muscle tension or the dynamic wrinkling makes the area inappropriate for the anti wrinkle injection in theory.

On the case by case bases, we can select a group of patient who may benefit from fine wrinkle fillers with the superficial technique but otherwise the skin tightening technology of a light based nature could always be suggested and would potentially be beneficial.

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