How do I treat under eye lines?

How do I treat under eye lines?

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How do you get rid of those annoying under-eye lines?  I’ve had my crow’s feet treated and used about 12 units each side. Under-eye lines can form as a result.

Unfortunately, we can’t use anti-wrinkle treatments to get rid of those lines – It just doesn’t really work very well. You can get bagging the eyes and fluid accumulation, so we really don’t recommend it.

CO2 laser can work fairly well to reduce the under eye lines. Laser treatment is slightly riskier area around the eye, but it can work. We don’t offer CO2 laser at Cityskin

If you have lots of loose skin under the eye the best treatment is probably surgery but that requires a week of downtime and considerable cost.
Under eye lines are hard to treat and, personally, I choose to ignore them!


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