Is is okay to take Ibuprofen after double chin treatment?

Frequently asked questionsCategory: AftercareIs is okay to take Ibuprofen after double chin treatment?
Courtney asked 12 months ago

I also read that taking prednislone to can reduce swelling. Its been nearly 3 days since treatment swelling very apparent and more so since yesterday

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Dr Jonathan Brown Staff answered 12 months ago


When we attended the product launch of the double chin product earlier this year, and in subsequent training sessions, the advice that is given to us is NOT to recommend anti-inflammatories after double chin injections.
The theory is that we want to see inflammation under the chin after treatment so anything that interferes with this could affect the results. Prednisolone is also an anti-inflammatory so the same advice does for prednisolone. 
The swelling after double chin injections does settle down with time and waiting so please keep persevering and it will resolve! If there is any discomfort then we recommend, unless there are any contra-indications, to use paracetamol.

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