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Is dermal filler a good option for a weak jaw line?

by | Jan, 2019

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From a medical perspective we always look at any treatment from 2 perspectives for any problem:

  1. Non surgical options
  2. Surgical options


Surgical options for a weak jawline

A surgical solution to a weak jawline might involve surgery to bring the lower jaw forwards in cases where patients have an overbite (where the top teeth show above the lower teeth when the teeth are clenched). Surgery can also treat patients who would like to project the chin forwards to give a stronger profile. Surgery does however come with risks and you need to carefully consider if this is suitable for you.


Non surgical options for a weak jawline

A great non surgical solution to a weak jawline is to use dermal fillers. Dermal filler is like scupture where we are adding extra volume above the bone to provide a stronger profile. We can place dermal filler along the jawline and chin to improve your profile.

A good way of strengthening the jawline with dermal filler is to place the filler at the angle of the jaw (the back of the jaw). We have to be careful when treating this area to make sure that we don’t masculinise the face too much.


How much dermal filler will I need to treat the jawline?

We tend to use approxinately 2ml of dermal filler to treat the jawline. Some patients may need more and some a little less. If you treat the chin at the same time add another 1ml to the treatment. We tend to use a firm dermal filler when treating the jawline to provide good structure to the area. The treatment lasts up to 18 months.



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