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Do you use long lasting dermal fillers in lips?

by | Sep, 2017

The use of the longer lasting hyaluronic acid dermal fillers in the lips really isn’t recommended and, as a result, we don’t use these in the lips.

Having read experiences and advice from Plastic Surgeons in the USA the general comment is that it is not FDA approved for use in the lips and also it can give an un-natural look over time.

Click on the link here to have a read: https://bit.ly/2gvvnRu

In the lips we tend to like the filler that you used the first time. It has been used for years in the lips and gives a predictable result. It can be injected using 4 injection points but it all depends on the shape of the lips and the desired look.

Anyway – I hope that explains our position and you are more than welcome to book an appointment to discuss with one of us in more detail,

Dr Jonathan Brown


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