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What options are available and price ranges for non surgical rhinoplasty?

Frequently asked questionsCategory: CostWhat options are available and price ranges for non surgical rhinoplasty?
AnonAnon asked 8 months ago
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Dr Jonathan BrownDr Jonathan Brown Staff answered 8 months ago


I think the answer depends on the degree of bump on the nose. We can try and reduce the look of a bump on the nose by placing dermal filler above and below to reduce the apperance. This works best if there is a small bump.

If the bump on the nose if pronounced you may be more of a candidate for nose surgery (rhinoplasty) with a Plastic Surgeon. Surgery can reduce the height of the bump. You have to consider whether surgery is right for you including the risk and recovery from the procedure.

At Cityskin we do not charge a consultation fee. Use the table below as a guide to book in with one of our practitioners for advice.

Please note that nose dermal filler is a complicated and higher risk procedure and you need someone experienced to perform the treatment. Our practitioners are all highly experienced in nose dermal filler treatment.


Cityskin guide to non surgical rhinoplasty

Have a read of our guide to non surgical rhinoplasty here to see if the treatment is right for you.


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