Thankfully bruising is uncommon after anti-wrinkle injections. Some people may experience a small pin-prick mark/bruise after treatment and if this does happen it most commonly occurs in the crow’s feet area. Any bruising caused by anti-wrinkle injections is usually very easy to cover with a little make up.

Why is bruising more common in the crow’s feet area?

The area around the crow’s feet has a lot of small and medium sized blood vessels. At Cityskin, when we perform anti-wrinkle injections in this area, we are very careful to inject around blood vessels to reduce the risk of bruising.

How can I reduce the chance of bruising after anti-wrinkle treatment?

The honest answer is to find an injector that knows facial anatomy well and can avoid injecting into small blood vessels. Taking aspirin before the treatment may increase the risk of a bruise but if you take aspirin for a medical reason, please do not stop it without medical advice.

How to treat a bruise

If a small bruise is caused after treatment, we recommend using ice on the area to reduce the bruise. Be careful to wrap the ice in a towel/place it inside a rubber glove to reduce the risk of a cold burn on the skin.

We are very careful to avoid bruising when we perform anti-wrinkle treatment – this is done by looking closely for blood vessels before injecting, and injecting very superficially in areas where the face is more vascular.
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