Can you do permanent fillers for the folds around mouth and nose?

Frequently asked questionsCategory: Dermal fillerCan you do permanent fillers for the folds around mouth and nose?
AnonAnon asked 9 months ago

I am in my 50s and would like to find out whether you offer permanent fillers for folds around the mouth

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Cosmetic Nurse Michelle DoddCosmetic Nurse Michelle Dodd Staff answered 9 months ago


We do not use permanent fillers here at City Skin. The reason being is that they have a higher risk of infection and granuloma formation (a hard mass produced in reaction to a foreign substance being introduced to the face).

We use non-permanent dermal fillers at Cityskin. The product used in the dermal filler is found naturally in the skin, therefore, the risk of a granuloma is less likely. The other benefit with using non-permanent fillers is that we can use an enzyme to dissolve the filler, if need be.

If you have a permanent filler, we can not inject a non-permanent filler over the top of it, due to a high risk of infection.

I hope that answers your question but please get in touch if you need any more help!


Michelle Dodd, Cosmetic Nurse Injector

Cityskin Neutral Bay, Sydney

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