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When can I fly after having dermal fillers?

by | Dec, 2017

This is a good question.  It is a contentious topic among cosmetic clinicians. Some recommend waiting 1-7 days while others state no delay is needed in flying after having dermal filler treatment.

From reviewing the literature, the recommendation to not fly after having filler treatment is to avoid swelling and bruising that seems to worsen in the pressurized cabin of an aircraft. Fillers are hydrophilic meaning they attract water and change skin hydration levels, so some people are already prone to swelling after treatment.  With the aircraft pressure changes, there is unpredictable swelling and fillers also interact with the tissues of the face so there is the potential for complications leaving you very puffy and swollen. You should wait 3-4 days and ideally 7 days before you fly after having dermal fillers. This is even more important for a long haul flight.

The other issue is that if there is any problem or complication following filler treatment it is better if the cosmetic injector who did the treatment can examine you which is not possible if you fly soon after having a filler.

So if you are going to be flying make sure you come and see us at Cityskin for dermal fillers at least 1 week prior to your flight. If you are having anti wrinkle injections (botulinum toxin) you can fly the next day; there is no need to wait.

Dr Greg Scher
Cityskin Cosmetic Clinic


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