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When is the best time to have anti-wrinkle and dermal filler before my wedding?

Frequently asked questionsCategory: Anti-wrinkleWhen is the best time to have anti-wrinkle and dermal filler before my wedding?
Kate asked 1 year ago

I’m getting married later this year and have never had cosmetic treatments before. When would be the best time to get treatment? Thanks!

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Dr Jonathan BrownDr Jonathan Brown Staff answered 1 year ago


We recommend that you have a ‘trial run’ of anti-wrinkle treatment about 4 months before your wedding and then a retreatment 2-3 weeks before the actual wedding date. The trial run is to make sure that you get a perfect result which we then replicate for the big day.

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Dermal fillers should ideally be peformed at least 3 weeks before your wedding. This allows the filler and any associated bruising and swelling to settle. Dermal filler if often treated in stages and you may need a couple of treatments to achieve the optimum result.
We find that makeup sits better on the skin when you have had anti-wrinkle treatment and looks great in wedding photos.
Key points to remember:

  • Anti-wrinkle treatment takes between 5 and 12 days to take effect and lasts, on average, 3 months (depending on the units used).
  • Dermal filler lasts up to 18 months and takes effect within 48 hrs.
  • Bruising can occur after both dermal filler and anti-wrinkle treatment which is why we avoid treating you less than 2 weeks before the wedding.

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