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by Dr Jonathan Brown, Founder of Cityskin

With the rising popularity of cosmetic injectables there are plenty of injectors to choose from. Dermal filler is a more complex procedure with higher potential risks than anti-wrinkle treatments. You need to be sure that the person treating you has experience in the procedure and that you feel confident in their ability. Here are my top tips for finding a dermal filler expert:

  1. Ask to see the practitioner’s qualifications – In Australia the law permits Doctors, Dentists, Registered Nurses and Enrolled Nurses (under direct supervision) to inject dermal fillers. Beauty therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors and other beauty specialists are not allowed to inject fillers.
  2. Check their qualification on the AHPRA website – AHPRA stands for the Australian Health Practitioner Health Regulation Agency. All registered health practitioners who are actively practicing are required to register with AHPRA. Use the link below to double check their qualifications and to see if the practitioner has any restrictions on their registration. Sometimes alarm bells can go off if there are restrictions on their practice: https://www.ahpra.gov.au/registration/registers-of-practitioners.aspx
  3. Ask your practitioner how long they have been injecting fillers – Dermal filler treatments take years to perfect and we never stop learning. Ask your injector how long they have been treating patients with dermal fillers.
  4. Ask how many of each procedure they have performed – If you are booking in to have dermal filler make sure you ask on the day how many of the filler procedure they have performed. Your injector may just learned how to inject the area that you are having treated which is far from ideal.
  5. Ask to see examples of patients they have treated – Often practitioners will have a portfolio of before / after photos. Make sure that they are patients that the practitioner has treated and not a glossy before/after booklet from the dermal filler company. Good before / after photos should be make-up free and have the same light before and after to give a true representation of the result.
  6. Read reviews (but be cautious) – Do your homework on the practitioner and practice. Read online reviews on Google but make sure you read between the lines. If a clinic has 1000 x 5 star reviews then it is highly likely that a large proportion of these are fake. A great tip is to click on the reviewer and see how many other reviews they have written and where they live in the world. If they have only written one review and live outside of Australia then be wary.
  7. If anything about the consultation makes you feel uncomfortable then walk away – This is the most important thing to pay attention to. If you get an icky feeling that something isn’t right during your consultation then walk away. Your gut instinct is often right and you absolutely have the right to get another opinion. You should never feel pressured into having treatment and an ethical practitioner should never make you feel this way.

Using the tips listed above you should have a good way of finding an experienced practitioner with the experience and training to perform your dermal filler treatment. Take your time and do your research before having treatment to give you the best chance of achieving the results that you are looking for from a safe pair of hands.

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At Cityskin we believe that cosmetic treatments should help you look and feel fresh, not fake. Our team has, on average, over 8 years of cosmetic injecting experience and we are at the forefront of cosmetic training and education.

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Cityskin Practitioners have an average of over 8 years of Cosmetic injecting experience


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We have a fantastic team of experienced practitioners at Cityskin with an average of over 8 years of injecting experience.

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