Why does makeup look better after anti-wrinkle treatment?

Why does makeup look better after anti-wrinkle treatment?

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A common complaint that we hear from patients who have never had anti-wrinkle treatment is that makeup can look cracked and uneven at the end of the day. Anti-wrinkle treatment relaxes the muscles and reduces the ability to form lines. This means that after treatment the makeup sits nicely on the skin and does not crack or sit in creases and folds. You will look fresher throughout the day as the makeup sits smoothly without cracks.

The photo below shows a patient before and after forehead anti-wrinkle treatment. Photos were taken 2 weeks apart. The patients found that makeup looked fresh all day long after treatment

forehead line injections melbourne

Before treatment she was able to lift the eyebrows easily. Over the course of the day repeated lifting of the forehead muscle causes creases to form. Makeup sits in these creases giving a cracked appearance. The thicker the make-up, the more obvious the creases and cracks. Wedding make-up in particular is the worst for this!


How do anti-wrinkle injections reduce lines?

wrinkles wedding makeup melbourneThink of your skin as being like a bed-sheet. Repeated movement over time causes creases and ruffles to form.

Treatment with anti-wrinkle injections is like tucking in the bed-sheet: the lines and creases are reduced giving a smoother appearance. The effect last for approximately 3 months before the bed-sheet starts to crease again.

If you never have treatment again the skin returns back to the state that it was in before treatment.



How much does treatment cost?

You many have heard of anti-wrinkle ‘units’. Put simply, an anti-wrinkle unit is a very small measured volume of anti-wrinkle product. The number of ‘units’ that you need to treat lines depends on a number of factors including the strength of the muscle, your sex (men need more than women), how long you want the treatment to last and how much you want to reduce movement.

With forehead lines, an average female forehead needs between 5 – 9 units to reduce the lines.

We charge from $4 per unit for anti-wrinkle treatment, depending on the brand used. Please bear in mind that one brand needs 3 times as many units as the other to have the same effect. In essence, it costs $12 per unit for both brands to work. The best thing to do is to read our cost guide here!


Why you should always treat the frown and forehead at the same time

We always recommend that women have the frown and forehead lines treated at the same time to avoid flattening your eyebrows. Dr Brown has made a video, shown below, explaining this effect.

When we treat frown lines in women we typically use between 12 and 24 units, depending on the strength of the muscle.


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