Can I use ZipPay to pay for my cosmetic treatment?

Sarah asked 9 months ago

I would like to book and have dermal fillers at your clinic but just checking whether you accept ZipPay as payment.

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Dr Jonathan Brown Staff answered 9 months ago


In Australia you are not allowed to pay for cosmetic injectable treatments using ZipPay or Afterpay. You are allowed to pay for treatment by credit card, EFTPOS or cash.

The Medical Board issued recent guidance on this matter stating:

“Yes, a medical practitioner can offer a patient payment options. A medical practitioner should not offer financing schemes to patients (other than credit card facilities), either directly or through a third party, such as loans or commercial payment plans, as part of the cosmetic medical or surgical services. This does not restrict a medical practitioner from accepting payment from a patient in instalments.”

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Can you use ZipPay to pay for dermal filler and anti-wrinkle cosmetic treatments?
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