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How to treat forehead lines in women to avoid heavy brow


When we treat forehead lines in women we have to be very careful not to drop the height of the eyebrows. The forehead muscle (‘frontalis’ in the picture below) lifts the brow and treating the lines with anti-wrinkle injections can drop the brow height.

If we are treating a male patient’s forehead lines it isn’t so much of an issue if we drop the brow height. Think of Brad Pitt, Robert Redford, Chris Hemsworth- they all have a low set brow and it is a masculine look.

Women, on the other hand, are meant to have higher eyebrows and it doesn’t look natural if the brow height drops. For this reason, when we treat forehead lines in women we also always treat frown lines (the ‘corrugator’ and ‘procerus’ muscles in the picture below). This avoids dropping the brow height and gives a great, natural look. The frustration is that you need to use more units to treat the frown and the forehead but the overall look is much better than treating the forehead lines alone.

Dr Brown explaining how to treat forehead lines in women to avoid a heavy brow

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Dr Jonathan Brown

Dr Jonathan Brown is a Melbourne based Cosmetic Physician and GP and set up the Cityskin clinic in 2011