invisible needles melbourne

‘Invisible Needles’ now available at Cityskin!

At Cityskin clinics we are excited to offer the all new ‘Invisible Needle‘ ™ injections. These are the smallest needles available for anti-wrinkle treatment in Australia and reduce discomfort and bruising.


Invisible needles – so small you can barely see them!

The photo below shows an Invisible Needle ™ next to a single hair. As you can see, the needles are tiny.

invisible needles melbourne


Reduced bruising and reduced discomfort

Invisible Needles ™ are designed in the Netherlands by the company TSK. They report ‘minimal bruising’ and a ‘near painless experience’. This is great for patients who are needle-phobic or hate coming in for anti-wrinkle treatment.


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'Invisible Needles' available at Cityskin. Reduce bruising and discomfort with this new technology