Cityskin Sydney | Anti-wrinkle, dermal fillers and double chin treatment

Cityskin Neutral Bay, Sydney, offers anti-wrinkle, dermal filler and double chin injections with experienced practitioners. We are based at L.A.B skin clinic on Military Road.

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Cityskin Neutral Bay
1/202-212 Military Rd
Neutral Bay NSW 2089


Meet the Cityskin Neutral Bay team

Cosmetic Nurse Michelle Dodd

michelle dodd cityskin neutral bay sydney

Works at: Cityskin Neutral Bay, Sydney

Michelle has been in the beauty and cosmetic industry for the past 11 years. Beauty is Michelle’s passion and after completing her diploma of beauty therapy in 2006 she went on to study and became a Registered Nurse in 2013.


Anti-wrinkle treatment at Cityskin Neutral Bay, Sydney

All Cityskin practitioners are skilled in the art of choosing the right anti-wrinkle treatment for you to achieve the look that you are after.

We charge from $4 per unit for anti-wrinkle treatment, depending on the brand used. There is no consultation fee and you can book an appointment online.


How much do anti-wrinkle injections cost at Cityskin Neutral Bay, Sydney?

Cityskin offers anti-wrinkle treatment in Sydney from $4 per unit depending on the brand used.


Dermal fillers at Cityskin Neutral Bay, Sydney

Michelle offers a range of dermal filler treatments from lip enhancement to cheek dermal filler and marionettes lines. We do not use permanent dermal fillers at Cityskin.

If you have never had dermal filler before please read our dermal filler treatment guide.


How much do dermal fillers cost at Cityskin Neutral Bay, Sydney?

Dermal filler at Cityskin Neutral Bay costs $650 for 1ml. Have a read of our comprehensive guide to dermal filler costs here.


Double chin injections | Cityskin Neutral Bay, Sydney

We will soon be offering double chin injections at Cityskin Neutral Bay. The average patient needs 2 vials per treatment and is likely to need 2 – 3 treatments to have an effect.

Be sure to read our comprehensive guide to double chin injections here.


How much do double chin injections costs at Cityskin Neutral Bay, Sydney?

At Cityskin we charge $600 for 1 vial of double chin injection.


Facial slimming treatment in Sydney

At Cityskin we love facial / jawline slimming treatments and perform many hundreds each year. Facial slimming is a straightforward treatment with minimal discomfort and no down-time. Patients often come in to see us in their lunch break for treatment.


How much does facial slimming treatment cost at Cityskin Neutral Bay, Sydney?

Facial slimming treatment cost $550 for 50 units.

We charge $11 per unit from 5o units i,e $660 for 60 units, $770 for 70 units.

facial slimming injection jawline sydney


Do you charge a consultation fee?

We do not charge a consultation fee at Cityskin.


How to find Cityskin Neutral Bay

Click on the video below to find video directions to Cityskin Neutral Bay. If you are lost at any time please call us on 1800 248 975 🙂


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