Looking for a premier cosmetic clinic in Brighton? Look no further than Cityskin. Our clinic specialises in delivering a rejuvenated, natural appearance. With a diverse array of treatments, we aim to enhance your aesthetic and leave you feeling fantastic about yourself.


217 Bay Street, Brighton
VIC, 3186

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How to Reach Cityskin Brighton:

North Brighton Station – 1 minute walk away

626, 703, 823, 922 buses within 2-minute walk

Limited on-site parking around back of building
Limited on-street / side street parking available.

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Suburbs close to Cityskin Brighton include Hampton, Brighton East, McKinnon, Gardenvale, Elsternwick, Elwood, Hampton, Ormond, Sandringham, Caulfield South, Bentleigh

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Larissa Samuel

Cosmetic Nurse
Monika Urbanski

Monika Urbanski

Cosmetic Nurse

Larissa Samuel

Cosmetic Nurse

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Larissa Samuel is a distinguished cosmetic nurse with a profound dedication to enhancing natural beauty and boosting her clients’ confidence. With a career spanning several years in the aesthetic industry, Larissa has established herself as a trusted and caring cosmetic nursing, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to excellence and patient care.

In 2020 Larissa expanded her expertise into the specialised field of cosmetic injecting. Since then, she has quickly become renowned for her precision, artistry, and the exceptional results she delivers. Larissa’s skillful techniques and comprehensive understanding of facial anatomy allow her to create natural-looking enhancements that align with her clients’ aesthetic goals.

Her journey in the industry is marked by continuous learning and adaptation to the latest advancements in cosmetic treatments. Larissa’s approach combines a keen eye for detail with a deep empathy for her clients, ensuring personalised care and outstanding outcomes. Her passion for helping others feel their best is evident in every procedure she performs.

As a prominent member of the aesthetics industry, Larissa Samuel remains dedicated to setting high standards and advancing the field. Her reputation throughout the industrty is a testament to her expertise, professionalism, and genuine care for her clients’ well-being and satisfaction.

Monika Urbanski

Cosmetic Nurse

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Monika began her journey in aesthetics as a Dermal Clinician in 2004 after completing a bachelor’s in health science Dermal Therapies. Her passion for medical aesthetics led her to complete a Post Graduate degree in Nursing, becoming a registered nurse in 2021.

Throughout her career, Monika has worked in diverse clinical settings, including Skin Clinics, Cosmetic Surgery Practices, and Women’s Health clinics. Collaborating with plastic surgeons, nutritionists, and cosmetic physicians has given her a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted approach required to achieve beautiful aesthetic results.

Monika specialises in creating personalised treatment plans that enhance and complement cosmetic treatments, focusing on skin health and natural beauty. Monika offers advanced treatments that enhance skin health and restore a client’s natural beauty, always aiming for balanced and natural results.

Committed to safety and innovation, Monika continually pursues education and development to deliver outstanding results using best practices. Her gentle and client approach ensures clients receive exceptional care and support during their cosmetic treatments.

With Monika’s expertise and dedication, clients can trust they are in skilled hands, receiving top-tier aesthetic care designed to enhance their natural beauty and achieve optimal results.


Cityskin cosmetic clinic in Brighton offers a comprehensive range of dermal fillers to enhance various facial features including the cheeks, chin, jowls, hands, lips, jawline, nasolabial fold, tear troughs, peri-oral lines, and marionette lines. Additionally, we provide lip fillers, full facial rejuvenations, and bio-remodelling filler treatments.

If you are interested in reducing forehead lines, slimming your jawline, or removing crow’s feet, the anti-wrinkle injections from Cityskin Brighton could be ideal for you. Our experienced practitioners can also administer anti-wrinkle injections in Brighton to address tooth grinding, facial sweating, and TMJ pain.

Unlock the potential benefits of dermal fillers at Cityskin Brighton. From restoring lost volume and smoothing wrinkles to defining facial contours, our practitioners customise treatments to enhance your natural beauty. Experience a rejuvenated, refreshed appearance with our dermal filler treatments tailored to your unique needs.

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