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Cityskin Geelong is based at a beautiful listed building on Ryrie St, close to Geelong city centre. Dr Jonathan Brown, founder of Cityskin Clinics and a master of anti-wrinkle injections works here.

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Cityskin Geelong is on the outskirts of Geelong CBD and near St John of God and Barwon Health University Hospitals.

Address: Cityskin Geelong, 337 Ryrie St, Geelong VIC 3220

Tel: 1800 248 975


Which treatments are available at Cityskin Geelong?

Cityskin Geelong offers anti-wrinkle and double chin treatments with Dr Jonathan Brown. The clinic will be offering dermal fillers soon when the Geelong team expands (Dr Brown focuses on anti-wrinkle and double chin injections only).


How much do treatments cost at Cityskin Geelong?

  • Anti-wrinkle treatment at Cityskin Geelong costs from $4 per unit
  • Double chin injections at Cityskin Geelong costs $600 per vial
  • Consultations are free


About Dr Jonathan Brown

Dr Brown is a Melbourne based Cosmetic Physician and GP. He has been a cosmetic injector for 8 years and is an artist when it comes to anti-wrinkle injections.

His qualifications include: Bachelor of Medicine (BM, )Member of the Royal College of GPs in both the UK and Australia (MRCGP, FRACGP) Certificate in Skin Cancer Medicine from the University of Queensland Diploma of Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (DRCOG UK).

Dr Brown loves education and in 2014 received a prestigious award from Monash University for excellence in teaching.


Which days of the week are appointments available?

At the moment Dr Brown is available on Friday afternoons in Geelong. He is away for a couple of weeks in September. More appointment times will be added in due course and we will be offering weekend appointments in the future.


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Facial / jawline slimming at Cityskin Geelong

One of Dr Brown’s favourite treatments is jawline / facial slimming and this is something that we offer at Cityskin Geelong. The cost of facial slimmming treatment is $550 for 50 units.


Tooth grinding / bruxism treatment at Cityskin Geelong

If you grind your teeth at night you may be suffering from a condition known as ‘bruxism‘. Bruxism can be a cause of TMJ pain.

At Cityskin we offer anti-wrinkle injections into the bite muscle (masster muscle) to reduce the strength of the bite and reduce symptoms of grinding.

Tooth grinding treatment at Cityskin Geelong costs $550 for 50 units, which is enough to stop grinding in most patients.


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