Are you in search of a dedicated cosmetic clinic near Doncaster? Cityskin Balwyn is your destination for achieving a fresh, natural look that boosts your self-confidence. Our wide range of treatments is designed to enhance your appearance and make you feel great about yourself, just minutes away from the heart of Doncaster.


Modern Medical Balwyn,
entrance via Mangan St.
1 / 379-381 Whitehorse Rd,
Balwyn VIC 3103

How to Reach Cityskin Balwyn:

  • 109 Tram stop is a short walk away.
  • 2 Hour parking is available across Whitehorse Road next to Balwyn Park

Cityskin Balwyn serves residents from various nearby areas:

  • If you are searching for a cosmetic clinic in Doncaster, Cityskin Balwyn is a less than 10-minute drive away!

Meet Our Experienced Team at Cityskin Balwyn


Ollie Atanasovska

Cosmetic Nurse

Ollie Atanasovska

Cosmetic Nurse

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Ollie is an Aesthetic Nurse with over 20 years nursing experience in roles such as Cosmetic Nurse Injector, Clinical Nurse, Immunisation Practitioner and Nurse Preceptor which includes training and assessing new nurses. Ollie also spends time educating new cosmetic nurses in the latest and safest treatment modalities for large cosmetic providers in Australia.

Ollie specialises in the art of injecting antiwrinkle, dermal fillers, bio-stimulators, and collagen stimulators. Her passion is natural facial rejuvenation with a strong emphasis on empowering woman. She provides the best service and outcome for her clients in a welcoming environment. You will find her positive, respectful, and motivational. With the ability to create a tailored treatment plan specific to your individual needs. Ollie is dedicated to continual professional development and training in new skills and techniques directly benefiting her clients. She attends a vast array of conferences and training both nationally and internationally ensuring her cosmetic skills are exceptional.

When she is not injecting, she loves to attend the ballet, theatre, and fashion events. Ollie is also a qualified yoga teacher and loves to practice yoga in her spare time.


Cityskin cosmetic clinic near Doncaster, in Balwyn offers dermal fillers to address and enhance the cheeks, chin, jowls, hands, lips, jawline, nasolabial fold, tear troughs, peri-oral lines, and marionette lines. In addition, we offer lip fillers, full facial rejuvenations and dermal filler dissolving treatments.

If you are interested in reducing forehead lines, slimming your jawline, or removing crow’s feet, the anti-wrinkle injections from Cityskin Balwyn could be ideal for you. Our experienced practitioners can also administer anti-wrinkle injections near Doncaster, at Cityskin Balwyn, to address tooth grinding, facial sweating, TMJ pain, and certain headaches and migraines.

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