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Cityskin is soon offering anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatment in Perth, WA. We only work with the most experienced practitioners to offer the highest quality treatment.


Anti-wrinkle treatment at Cityskin Perth

Anti-wrinkle treatments will soon be available at Cityskin Perth. We use the two best anti-wrinkle products available in Australia and give you the option to use either brand. Have a read about the anti-wrinkle brands available here.

anti wrinkle injections perth cost

How much are anti-wrinkle injections at Cityskin Perth?

Anti-wrinkle injections cost from $4 per unit at Cityskin Perth depending on the brand used. Read our article on anti-wrinkle units here.


Dermal filler at Cityskin Perth

We offer dermal fillers at Cityskin Perth with expert practitioners.


Cost of dermal fillers at Cityskin Perth

At Cityskin we charge from $550 – $880 for 1ml of dermal filler, depending on the filler used. Have a read of our dermal filler cost page to find out more about all treatment prices.


Facial slimming /tooth grinding treatment in Perth with Cityskin

facial slimming injection perth

Cityskin Perth offers anti-wrinkle injections for facial slimming with expert practitioners. We charge only $550 for 50 units of treatment – enough to achieve a slimming effect in most patients. We do not charge a consultation fee.

facial slimming perth cost

Book an appointment at Cityskin. No consultation fee

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Anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers in Perth, WA, with Cityskin
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Cityskin Perth
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Cityskin Perth offers anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatment with experienced medical professionals. Treatment from $4 per unit with no consultation fee.