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Long term effects of sun damage on the skin

At Cityskin we always promote healthy skin care which includes the use of sunscreen and appropriate clothing to protect the skin. The image above shows a patient in their 60s with fair skin who attended for a mole check. The image highlights the difference that...

Dr Brown receives a teaching award

Cityskin is proud to announce that Dr Jonathan Brown received an award yesterday for teaching in Melbourne last night.The Monash University award reflects excellence and skill in teaching and shows Dr Brown's dedication to teaching the Doctors of tomorrow.As a patient...

Can cosmetic treatment improve your confidence?

Often people come to the clinic to get treatment for the first time because they feel like they look tired or angry. While many of us can point out a wrinkle, or a line that we don't like the look of, we always ask them how it makes them feel. The change in how our...


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