Is there enough support and training for Cosmetic Doctors in Australia? A survey of practicing Doctors


How well supported are Doctors in Cosmetic Medicine? Is there adequate training and support? Twenty members of the Cosmetic Doctors Network – a Facebook group for Cosmetic Physicians in Australia run by Doctor Jonathan Brown were surveyed to establish how much support they received from peers, pharamaceutical reps and whether training needs were being met.

Results showed that the Doctors in this survey did not feel well supported by their pharmaceutical reps (mean score 5/10 when asked for how well supported they felt) and only slightly better supported by their peers (5.7/10 although mode was 8/10).

All of the Doctors in the survey wanted more dermal filler training with practical hands on injecting training sessions being the most popular way of learning.

If you have any feedback for Dr Jonathan Brown on the survey please get in touch on the contact page.


All of the respondents of the survey were Cosmetic Physicians in Australia.


40% of respondents had over 5 years experience and only 15% had under a years injecting experience.


The vast majority of respondents offered anti wrinkle, dermal filler and double chin injections in their clinics.


The results suggest that Doctors do not feel well supported by local pharmaceutical reps.

The mean score for this question was 5/10 and the mode was 6/10. These reps/BDMs are the liason between practitioner and the company supplying the product. We did not go on the ask the name of the pharmaceutical companies being referred to.


The mean answer to this question was 5.7/10 although looking at the data the mode is 8/10. It appears that Cosmetic Doctors feel better supported by peers than by pharmaceutical reps. It is alarming perhaps to note that 50% of respondents scored 5 or less out of 10 in their level of support by their peers.





The majority of respondents enjoyed practical hands on injecting sessions and practical sessions watching the trainer inject. Journal clubs were one of the least popular training sessions.



If you have any feedback for Dr Jonathan Brown on the survey please get in touch on the contact page.

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