Isdinceutics Retinal Intense Serum 50ml


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Serum formulated with retinaldehyde, which visibly reduces wrinkles and fine lines for smoother, more even and rejuvenated skin.

Biphasic technology preserves formula stability and maintains retinaldehyde activity. Combines emolliency and lightness for a powerful anti-ageing serum, and a very pleasant light texture.


All Skin Types
Sensitive Skin

Retinaldehyde 0.1% -Retinaldehyde promotes collagen restoration significantly improves wrinkles and expression lines, and helps repair and renew the skin with a toneunifying action.

Bakuchiol – Ingredient of natural origin with retinol-like activity. Its anti-ageing properties restore skin elasticity and firmness.

VitA-Technology – Vigna Aconitifolia extract with powerful anti-wrinkle effects that stimulates cell renewal and visibly improves skin texture. With retinol-like properties.

Niacinamide – Ultra-soothing ingredients, including niacinamide, that helps reduce skin pigmentation, improves skin hydration and helps relieve redness, providing a feeling of comfort.

Apply at night

Press the pump twice to dispense the right amount into the palm of your hand, mix well and massage onto your face and neck, avoiding the eye area. If it’s your first time using a retinoid, be mindful of the retinization period. Start by applying three nights a week. In the second week, apply it four nights. If you haven’t noticed any discomfort in the third week, feel free to up application to seven nights a week. The next morning, always apply a broad spectrum sunscreen.