Lip dermal fillers in Neutral Bay, Sydney

At Cityskin we love lip dermal filler treatment! Dermal fillers provide fullness and improve the shape of the lip. The photo below shows the ideal lip proportions for a caucasian lip. The ratio of upper to lower lip height should ideally be 1 : 1.6 upper : lower. In Asian patients the ratio is closer to 1 : 1 upper to lower.


How much lip dermal filler will I need?

Most patients need between 0.6ml and 1ml to treat the lips and achieve the desired look. You can come back and have more filler placed in the lips after a couple of weeks if you are looking for a more dramatic look.

Most of the before / after photos of lip fillers on the Cityskin website are cases where we have used 1ml or less in the lips.

If you use 0.6ml we use the remaining 0.4ml elsewhere – often in the cheeks to provide a lovely subtle lift.


How much do lip dermal fillers cost at Cityskin Neutral Bay?

At Cityskin we charge $650 for 1ml of filler. We do not charge a consultation fee and you can book an appointment online.


Do you offer 0.5ml lip dermal filler treatment?

We don’t offer less than 1ml of dermal filler in one treatment as we cannot store the remaining 0.5ml and it has to be thrown away.


Meet the Cityskin Neutral Bay team

Cosmetic Nurse Michelle Dodd offer the whole range of double chin, dermal filler and anti-wrinkle treatments.


Where is Cityskin Neutral Bay?

Cityskin Neutral Bay is on Military Rd in a clinic called ‘L.A.B.’


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