The chin crease (also known at the mental crease) develops over time from repeated contraction of the mentalis muscle. It is generally more prominent in men than women as men have a stronger chin muscle.

How to reduce the appearance of a chin crease

We can easily reduce the chin crease using a combination of dermal filler and anti-wrinkle injections. Anti-wrinkle injections relax the chin muscle (the one responsible for pulling the chin up) and thereby reduce the depth of the chin crease over time.


Chin crease dermal fillers last approximately 12 months provided a firmer dermal filler is placed in the crease.

The chin crease is one of the safer areas to treat with dermal filler as it is less vascular than other areas of the face. There is a small chance of a bruise after treatment with dermal fillers. Your practitioner will discuss the risks and benefits of treatment on the day to ensure that you are fully comfortable before proceeding.

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