What are jowls?

Jowls are the heavy, sagging areas of skin in the front part of the jawline that appear as we age. Jowls form due to a combination of loose skin, loss of elasticity in the skin and loss of volume in the lower face allowing the lower cheek to project downwards. The jowl disrupts the normal smooth contour of the jawline.

How can I treat jowls?

There are several ways that the jowl area can be treated. At Cityskin, the main non-surgical way we reduce the appearance of jowls is with dermal filler. We place dermal filler in the pre-jowl sulcus to create a bridge of filler between the chin and jowl to hide its’ appearance, this procedure usually lasts over 12 months.

The surgical way of treating jowls is to have a lower facelift. This procedure removes some of the loose skin in the lower face and reduces the appearance of heaviness and jowls. This can work well if you have lots of loose skin in the lower face and jawline. However, it involves an operation with a Plastic Surgeon and is not a treatment that we offer at Cityskin.

We can relax the muscles the muscles of the lower face with anti-wrinkle product to reduce the downward pull and cause a subtle lift. This is known as a ‘Nefertiti lift‘. It is a very subtle lift and often it is better to treat jowls with dermal filler. Book a consultation for jowl treatment in Melbourne today.


Generally, we use between 1mL and 3mLs of dermal filler to reduce the appearance of jowls. This is a general guide and the amount of filler that you may need varies from person to person.

We do not recommend using double chin products in the jowl area as we feel that the risk in this area is too high.

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