This page will be continually updated if information changes. If at any time you want to chat with us the easiest way is to click on the chat button at the bottom right hand side of this page ↘️.

The Cityskin team want to be here to support you and answer any questions that you might have. Our support team (Dr Brown, Jessica Practice Manager, Riza and Regine from Admin team) are available on live chat from 0900 – 2100 hrs every day to help with your enquiries. You can also call us on 1800 248 975 but the phones lines are likely to be very busy so live chat is preferred.


Updated: 24th March, 1230hrs

Which Cityskin Clinics are open?


Which practitioners are working?

  • Dr Erik Koppert, Surgeon – UNTIL 6PM FRIDAY 27TH MARCH
  • Bianca Quon – until 6PM WEDS 25TH MARCH


Which practitioner are NOT working?

  • Dr Jonathan Brown
  • Dr Mary Fonti
  • Kristie Phillips
  • Dr Greg Scher
  • Dr Ilana Galgut
  • Michelle Dodd
  • Nurse Practitioner Katy Wallace


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