“Crow’s feet” is the popular name given to the lines around the eyes. In some people they occur when squinting, in others they are there at rest. Crow’s feet develop due to sun exposure, smoking, and repeated use of the muscles around the eyes. The lines can be reduced using anti-wrinkle injections which decrease the ability of the muscle to contract, thereby smoothing out the lines.

Cityskin offers crow’s feet treatment in Melbourne using anti-wrinkle injections. The lines begin smoothing 5 – 10 days after treatment and can last for up to 3 months.


Difficult lower crow’s feet

When crow’s feet radiate down the cheek, as shown in the picture below, they become hard to treat. This is because the lower crow’s feet lie very close to the muscles that lift the cheeks and mouth corners. If lower crow’s feet are treated too aggressively it can restrict the ability to lift the cheeks and make the cheeks look flatter and less full. One option for treating lower crow’s feet is to use dermal filler rather than anti-wrinkle injections. Dermal filler can soften the lower crow’s and preserve the cheek height which could be lost if anti-wrinkle injections were used.

Pain during treatment is typically milder than patients expect, the procedure feels like a ‘small sting’.

The diagonal crow’s feet that some people experience are probably the most difficult to treat. These can be treated with very gentle amounts of anti-wrinkle product, however, sometimes we need to use dermal filler.

The diagram below shows our technique for injecting simple crow’s feet with six units of anti-wrinkle product. We inject two units into each injection point as shown below. Injections are very superficial under the skin to reduce the risk of bruising. The example below shows us treating more difficult crow’s feet. Five small injections are made with two units given to all injections. Injections are made at least 1cm away from the eye to be safe, and injections are superficial to avoid bruising.

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